KII Global: Driving the Blockchain Revolution in Latin America

Colombian company KII Global, under the leadership of Danyel Arenas, is revolutionizing the financial landscape of Latin America in collaboration with its partners. Their ecosystem stands out for its advanced technological development, the robustness of its protocols, the scalability of its solutions, and the excellence of its team, placing them at the forefront of technological innovation in the region.

In partnership with the T2latam Community, they conducted a Workshop where they explained in a clear and detailed manner how to activate their validation nodes, shared the experience of the first validator competition, and awarded an Airdrop of their KII token to all participants.


KII Global Ecosystem

Latin America’s first blockchain ecosystem focuses on people, aiming to democratize blockchain technology and focus its development on three key aspects. Its Layer One blockchain, called KII, leads by offering a fast and scalable payment settlement platform for tokenizing real-world assets, thus addressing global economic challenges in terms of settlement and value transfer.
Within its ecosystem, KII Coin, the native digital asset, and KII Wallet, a multi-currency wallet that allows for the custody and management of crypto assets securely, with centralized or decentralized options according to user preferences, are created. The intuitive application offers a dynamic experience for securely and easily managing digital assets.
KIIEX is a Layer 1 Blockchain, based on Cosmos infrastructure and with Tender VFT protocol, compatible with Ethereum’s EVM model. This allows you to deploy your smart contracts with Solidity and build on the fastest blockchain in the region. KII runs super-fast validators that generate blocks every 5 seconds. Transactions are instantaneous, and network fees are very low. Become a validator, stake with your KII, and build on this blockchain.
It provides a platform to buy, sell, exchange, and trade with crypto assets, with a focus on meeting the needs of users in the region. With competitive fees and a high level of security backed by its commercial and technological partners, KII Global stands out for its low cost, speed, interconnectivity, and security. At the heart of KII Global’s mission is its blockchain ecosystem, designed to address the financial challenges facing Latin America.


Thee Fundamental Pillars of KII Global

KII Coin: The native cryptocurrency of KII Global, driving transactions within its ecosystem.



KII Wallet: Redefining decentralized finance for the everyday user. Manage keys, store digital assets, and efficiently exchange between peers. Kii’s Wallet is agile, intuitive, and convenient for both individuals and businesses looking to take control of their finances. Available on iOS and Android for free, this application addresses the reality that over 50% of people in Latin America lack access to the banking system, bridging this gap with a digital solution. Join as KII Global continues to develop its wallet towards a multi-chain solution.



KIIEX: Provides liquidity 24/7 for the region’s major pairs, allowing for buying, selling, and trading digital assets in a secure and dynamic structure, fully adapted to Latin American culture. Traders, small businesses, and local blockchain companies can benefit from a range of solutions with open APIs provided by KIIEX for centralized liquidity and immediate settlement.


Validator Nodes: Drivers of Security and Participation

Within the KII Global ecosystem, validator nodes play a crucial role in network security and governance. These nodes, distributed globally, are responsible for validating and verifying each transaction on the blockchain, ensuring its integrity and alignment with the network’s original purpose. The decentralization of these nodes provides an additional layer of security, as approval decisions do not rely solely on the company but on a global network of participants.
Participation as a validator node offers a unique opportunity to actively contribute to the development and improvement of the blockchain project while generating additional income for participants. Validators receive incentives for their participation in governance, giving them voting rights on key decisions related to the project’s evolution.


What is a KII Validator?

The role of validators is to run a full node and participate in consensus by transmitting votes containing cryptographic signatures signed by the validator’s private key. Validators commit new blocks to the blockchain and receive income in return for their work. Validators must also participate in governance by voting on proposals. Validators are weighted based on their total stake. To be a validator, one needs to have a minimum of 10,000 KII.

A full node is a server that runs the binary of a chain (its software) that fully validates transactions and blocks of a blockchain and maintains a complete record of all historical activity. A full node differs from a pruned node that processes only block headers and a small subset of transactions. Running a full node requires more resources than a pruned node.


Validator Grand Prix

The KII Blockchain Grand Prix, organized by KII Global, represented a major milestone in the history of blockchain technology in Latin America. This validator competition attracted enthusiasts and experts seeking an opportunity to be part of this innovative network.
The KII Global Validator Competition offered developers the opportunity to stand out and compete for attractive rewards. Throughout the month of March, participants joined forces to build strong validator nodes on the KIIEX blockchain, receiving prizes for their efforts. Winners were rewarded with an Airdrop of 200,000 KII to bring their nodes online in the Mainnet, along with a delegation of 3,920,000 KII for two years for the top 20 winners. This fund, generated by staking, ensures that 10% of the rewards obtained from the delegated stake value is allocated to the validator. Even for those who didn’t make it into the top 20, there was still a chance to receive 1,000 KII in mainnet testnet, from position number 21 to position number 100, based on performance and analysis conducted by the company.


Winners Experience


Lord Santox and Mr. Ghost emerged as the top two winners of the KII Grand Prix validator competition. Both were responsible for winning nodes in this competition and shared their perspectives and technical knowledge during the event.
Sebastián Retamales, known as Lord Santox on social media, is the founder of the Hispanic Legion Community and a computer engineering graduate from the University of the Americas in Chile. His strategy in the competition involved gradually advancing instead of leading from the beginning. They won the competition with the node that Gilbert, his partner, programmed at the last minute. He highlighted the importance of having the support of the KII Global team throughout the competition.
Gilbert Arias, known as Mr. Ghost, is a communication engineer graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology. Although his previous experience was in administration, he found in KII Global an opportunity to learn and grow. He highlighted the importance of maintaining node security and his experience in facing technical challenges during the competition.
Both winners highlighted the importance of the experience gained during the competition and the need to keep the node synchronized with the blockchain and secure it against possible attacks. They consider participation in the competition provided them with a deeper understanding of how the blockchain works and allowed them to contribute actively to the KIIEX project.


KII Token Airdrop


KII Global, in collaboration with T2latam, has conducted the distribution of a 100 KII token Airdrop for all Workshop attendees. During this event, all the necessary concepts were covered to encourage participation in future validator competitions. Stay tuned to T2latam’s networks, as new activities related to upcoming updates to this mainnet testnet will be carried out soon.