MATR1X FIRE: Web3 FPS Shooter Game Announces Airdrop of Its Token $MAX

With over a billion players worldwide, first-person shooter games are undoubtedly the most popular genre of games. With renowned titles like the Counter-Strike series and Call of Duty leading the way, MATR1X FIRE has been designed to honor these industry giants. With a key aim of attracting passionate gamers and organizing eSports events where they can compete for significant rewards. In addition to distributing its token $MAX via Airdrop to all users who complete missions on its platform.

MATR1X FIRE focuses on the multiplayer PvP experience while providing strategic casual PvE gameplay modes, including classic 5v5 battles and Battle Royale. In addition to these rich modes, this product also provides various maps, weapons, and avatars that players can team up with friends to experience. MATR1X FIRE follows these outstanding FPS precedents to become one of the top Metaverse products!

In MATR1X FIRE, all game components, from skins to weapons, will be exchangeable for tokens, thus introducing a new dimension to the digital economy. With two main tokens: $FIRE and the upcoming $MAX, this economic system offers an innovative perspective for FPS genre enthusiasts.
The $MAX token will have a central function as a governance token on the MATR1X platform. Its utility will encompass various scenarios, from participating in votes on operational and community activities to serving as a value token for certain NFTs in the market, as well as being a key piece in the distribution of new games within the platform.

NFT Collections and Market Value
MATR1X FIRE is transforming traditional shooter games by incorporating blockchain technology. It turns in-game accessories into NFT assets owned by players, giving them the ability to trade them in an internal market.
Avatars and weapons are the main NFT assets, and players with high-quality avatars can earn $FIRE tokens and cases with the possibility of obtaining rare weapon NFTs in the game. Other NFT assets include profile pictures (PFP), frames, gloves, stickers, sprays, music boxes, badges, lands, among others.
MATR1X has launched three exclusive NFT collections, which have reached significant value in the market with base values of 3 $ETH. With the MATR1X KUKU, Matr1x 2061, and YATC collections, players can enjoy exclusive benefits, access to unique content, and privileges within the MATR1X FIRE ecosystem.

$MAX Token Airdrop
One of MATR1X’s most anticipated announcements is the distribution of its $MAX token, soon to be listed, in the form of an Airdrop. This event will allow users to farm points on the MATR1X website to receive $MAX tokens as rewards. The more points users accumulate, the more tokens they will receive.

How to Participate in the Airdrop?
The process to farm the airdrop is simple; you must earn as many points as possible by completing missions daily.
To participate in the $MAX token airdrop, follow these simple steps:

1. Connect your Wallet: Firstly, ensure you have the Metamask extension installed on your browser, log in with this link, and connect your wallet to the MATR1X FIRE website on the Polygon Network.

2. Activate Your Account: Once your wallet is connected, activate your account. This will allow you to verify your base points and start accumulating points for the airdrop. Base points are obtained by interacting with NFT games and owning NFTs from associated projects. Additional points can be obtained by interacting with products on the Ethereum, Polygon, or BNB networks, such as Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Titan Arena, among others. This is to reward active users in the Web3 ecosystem.

3. Daily Key Farming: Don’t forget to participate in daily key farming. Every day, three keys are renewed that you can use to open chests. These chests contain random points that will contribute to your total score and, therefore, to the amount of $MAX tokens you will receive.

4. Complete Missions: To increase your base points and multipliers, complete missions related to MATR1X’s social networks. This may involve sharing posts and interacting with the community. Remember that all these transactions are carried out on the Polygon Network, ensuring low fees in $MATIC.

5. Activation of Multipliers: If you want to further increase your rewards, you can activate multipliers by inviting friends to join the game or by acquiring a special event insignia NFT. Although this part is optional, it can significantly increase your earnings in the airdrop.

Remember that to complete some tasks, it will be necessary to authorize access to your Twitter and Discord social accounts. Once linked, these accounts cannot be changed during the event.
An Opportunity for the Latam Community
This project reaches the Latin American community in partnership with T2Latam. The collaboration with T2Latam aims to bring opportunities linked to MATR1X FIRE to a wide audience and attract a large number of passionate players of this style of games to upcoming global eSports tournaments.
Don’t miss this Airdrop! MATR1X FIRE presents a unique opportunity for players to participate in the free distribution of governance tokens. With an innovative focus, token integration, and strategic collaborations with T2latam, MATR1X FIRE promises to redefine the FPS gaming experience in the Web3 ecosystem.