Nyan Heroes is an innovative team-based hero shooter where small cats pilot enormous mechs, offering a strategic and dynamic experience. Developed with Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain technology, it’s Free to Play and has its Season 2 ranked mode until May 26. Players can participate in the $NYAN token airdrop by accumulating Catnip points. A tournament organized by T2latam along with @TanitoNFT, featuring a prize pool of 100 USD, will be announced soon.

Join the Battle in Nyan Heroes: Cats, Mechs, and Competitive Tournaments

Nyan Heroes is a team-based hero shooter that introduces a charming twist to the genre: small cats piloting enormous mechs. This game invites players to engage in strategic combat, using unique abilities and advanced feline movements to secure objectives and defeat opponents. Customizable mech setups, with various weapons and mods, enhance strategic depth, allowing for a multitude of playstyles. Even when a mech falls in battle, the resilient cat pilot can still impact the game, ensuring dynamic and continuous action.

Game Setting: New Nekovia

Set in the vibrant and futuristic world of New Nekovia, Nyan Heroes calls on all heroes to join the fight to save the world. The game is developed with cutting-edge technology, leveraging the Unreal Engine 5 for stunning visuals and blockchain technology to support true asset ownership and a flourishing creator economy, driven by AI-generated content.

Game Mechanics

Matches in Nyan Heroes take place within the Battledome, a simulated environment where players compete in objective-based shooter formats. The game emphasizes fast-paced combat, enriched by character movement abilities, placing it firmly in the category of movement shooters. Players can switch between piloting the Guardian mech and controlling the cat pilot to maximize their strategic advantage in battle.

Key Mechanics:


  • Team-Based Objectives: Two teams compete to secure various objectives on the map, requiring a mix of teamwork, shooting, and tactical use of abilities.
  • Movement: Characters have cat-like super-movements, enhancing the fast-paced combat system and dynamic verticality of level design.
  • Cat Pilot: Strategic use of both the Guardian mech and the cat pilot is crucial, as each form offers different abilities to change the course of the battle.
  • Hero Fantasy: Each character has a unique hero identity and playstyle, with abilities that define their role in combat.
  • Customization: Mechs can be customized with a wide range of mods, allowing players to create and collect various upgrades that suit their preferred playstyle.


Guardian Classes

Nyan Heroes features eight distinct Guardian classes, each with unique abilities that dictate their playstyle:

  • Warrior: A balanced Guardian excelling in frontline attacks and damage sustainability.
  • Defender: The toughest class, acting as a shield for teammates and absorbing enemy attacks.
  • Assassin: A fast but fragile class specializing in stealth and eliminating high-priority targets.
  • Sniper: A long-range specialist with high precision, ideal for taking out moving targets from a distance.
  • Medic: A high-speed class focused on keeping team members alive while avoiding frontline combat.
  • Scout: Experts in scouting and alerting the team to potential dangers, quick but fragile.
  • Mechanic: Slow but sturdy, capable of setting up turrets and traps to control the battlefield.
  • Soldier: A well-balanced class provided free to new players, effective in short to mid-range combat.


Nyan Heroes: The Web3 Proposal for Overwatch Fans

Nyan Heroes and Overwatch share several similarities that make them stand out in the hero shooter genre:

  • Team Play and Hero Roles:
  • Both Nyan Heroes and Overwatch focus on team-based gameplay, where each player has a specific role that contributes to the team’s success. In Overwatch, heroes are categorized into Damage, Tank, and Support. In Nyan Heroes, Guardian classes like Warrior, Defender, Assassin, and Sniper have specific roles and abilities that dictate their playstyle.
  • Unique Abilities and Strategy:
  • Both games highlight heroes with unique abilities that differentiate them and offer various combat strategies. In Overwatch, each hero has a set of abilities that define their role and how they contribute to the team. Similarly, in Nyan Heroes, each Guardian and cat pilot has unique abilities that allow players to develop different tactics during battle.
  • Team-Based Objectives:
  • In both Nyan Heroes and Overwatch, players compete on maps with specific objectives that must be secured to win the match. Coordination and teamwork are essential to complete these objectives, whether escorting a payload in Overwatch or securing control points in Nyan Heroes.
  • Vibrant Art Style and Themes:
  • Both games feature a vibrant and colorful art style. Overwatch draws inspiration from various global cultures for its characters and environments, while Nyan Heroes combines futuristic technology with the playful concept of cats piloting mechs, creating a distinctive aesthetic.
  • Competitiveness and Community Scene:
  • Overwatch has developed a robust competitive scene with ranked games and professional tournaments. While Nyan Heroes is in its early stages, its focus on competitive play and the integration of advanced technology like blockchain suggests that it may also develop a strong competitive community and creator economy.


Nyan Heroes: Free to Play and Season 2

Nyan Heroes is Free to Play, developed with Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain technology. Season 2 of the ranked mode will be available until May 26. Best of all, this season offers the opportunity to participate in the airdrop of its $NYAN token by accumulating Catnip points.

How to Earn Catnip Points:

Visit Nyan Heroes missions to complete social missions and earn Catnip points. The game is available for free play on Epic Games. Complete daily and weekly missions in-game to earn extra Catnip points.

Nyan Heroes Tournament

If you are a fan of Overwatch-style games, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the tournament organized by T2latam along with @TanitoNft, where 6V6 arenas will be contested for a prize pool of 100 USD. Find your team and stay tuned to all of T2latam’s social media channels for the announcement of the date and rules for participation.

Nyan Heroes and Overwatch share several similarities that make them stand out in the hero shooter genre, from their focus on team play and unique character abilities to their vibrant art style and community impact. Nyan Heroes distinguishes itself with its unique combination of cats and mechs, offering a fresh gaming experience that is sure to capture players’ attention. Join the fight, customize your mech, and save the world in Nyan Heroes!