THENA: Building the Spanish-speaking Community

THENA is a DEX on the BNB chain offering cryptocurrency exchange, futures trading, and passive income generation. It employs a voting system to efficiently redirect incentives, with its native token $THE designated for governance and airdrop rewards. The Thenian NFT collection, limited to 3,000 units, provides multiple income streams and access to exclusive strategies. In partnership with T2 LATAM, THENA is expanding into the Spanish-speaking community, offering exclusive giveaways to members of T2LATAM and Kmanus88, encouraging participation and community growth on this platform.


THENA: The Community-Driven Liquidity Platform


THENA is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) designed to offer its users a range of products for cryptocurrency exchange, futures trading, and passive income generation. THENA aims to be the native liquidity layer of the BNB chain, providing solutions for new protocols seeking to resolve initial liquidity issues and established protocols needing to reduce costs and incentivize long-term liquidity. The platform introduces a voting system, inspired by Curve Finance, that allows for efficient incentive redirection, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for users and protocols.

Based on Solidly, THENA addresses its deficiencies by correlating protocol emissions with generated fees, enabling voters to compensate liquidity providers for impermanent losses. Innovations include market correction and emissions calendar adjustments, reducing the impact of the anti-dilution mechanism, and a referral system to reinforce the positive feedback loop.


Native Token: $THE


THENA’s native token is $THE, exclusively obtainable through the platform. The primary utility of $THE is participating in platform governance through staking, allowing users to vote on various proposals and be rewarded with other tokens, helping to avoid sell pressure on $THE.

Users can convert their $THE tokens into veTHE and lock them for up to two years to obtain voting rights. These rights allow holders to vote on proposals regarding emissions distribution and other key decisions within the platform. By voting, users can influence the protocol’s development direction and liquidity incentive allocation. Additionally, voters are rewarded with airdrops in the form of other tokens, incentivizing active participation in governance and aligning token holders’ interests with the platform’s.

THENA has conducted an initial token supply distribution, including a 19% airdrop to airdrop protocols and 25% to existing BNB chain protocol users. Additionally, 9% was allocated to theNFT minters, who receive their tokens upon THENA’s launch.


NFT Collection: theNFT


THENA introduces the Thenian NFTs, theNFT, a limited collection of 3,000 units providing multiple income sources, access to exclusive delta-neutral strategies, and a dedicated role within the community. TheNFTs share THENA trading fees, with 2% royalties for the original minter from secondary sales and 1% for theNFT staking pool. Additionally, holders guarantee a THENA launch airdrop. Each theNFT has a unique AI-generated design inspired by Greek gods and contributes to a funding ecosystem that fuels THENA’s growth. Revenues are used to incentivize bribing and locking, with 60% of funds for the flywheel and 40% for the project’s long-term sustainability.

TheNFT holders can earn a portion of the fees generated by the platform, with 20% (decreasing by 5% every three months until reaching 10%) of all collected fees going to theNFT staking pool. Additionally, holders have exclusive access to delta-neutral strategies, allowing for yield generation without worrying about impermanent losses. The future of THENA is in the hands of Thenians, whose success is intrinsically linked to the platform’s success. Currently, there are 1,734 NFTs available, which can be used for staking and receiving passive commissions from THENA DEX.


THENA and T2 LATAM: Strategic Partnership


THENA has partnered with T2 LATAM to boost its Spanish-speaking community, offering giveaways and prizes to community members on their Telegram and X @ThenaESP channels. The T2LATAM community and Kmanus88’s official account have already held 200 $THE giveaways each, with more to come to incentivize participation and the growth of the Hispanic community.

These giveaways include prizes such as $THE tokens, exclusive NFTs, and early access to new features and products within the THENA platform. Members can join the Spanish-speaking community through Telegram channels, participate in discussions, and stay informed about the latest news and events.

If you’re looking for a platform that not only allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies and trade futures but also offers the possibility to generate passive income and actively participate in ecosystem governance, THENA is the ideal choice for you. Join their Telegram community, participate in giveaways, and discover all the benefits THENA has to offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this revolutionary platform and contribute to its success!