Xterio: Innovation and Opportunity in Web3 Games Powered by Binance Labs

Xterio is a platform dedicated to innovating through artificial intelligence to enrich gaming experiences. Supported by Binance Labs, Xterio is poised as a global leader in the Web3 gaming publication space, benefiting a worldwide community of players. Its flagship game, Age of Dino, features an active point system for earning the $XTER Airdrop. Additionally, T2Latam collaborates with Xterio to offer an exclusive NFT draw, providing their community with the opportunity to participate in this Airdrop.


Xterio SocialFi 3.0: A Fusion of Gaming and Blockchain


Xterio stands out as an innovative platform within the Web3 gaming ecosystem, blending the fun of games with the robust capabilities of blockchain technology. Working with both internal and third-party developers, Xterio creates captivating gaming experiences that merge traditional enjoyment with the innovative features of blockchain. The Xterio SocialFi 3.0 platform has reached over 160,000 users and features a point collection system to win the $XTER token airdrop.


$15 Million Investment from Binance Labs in Xterio


Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, has invested $15 million to boost the development of Xterio’s diverse game portfolio, emphasizing the integration of artificial intelligence to revolutionize gaming mechanisms and enhance player interaction. This funding will allow Xterio to rapidly advance its projects, incorporating advanced AI and blockchain technologies. The executive team at Xterio, with experience at industry giants like FunPlus, Ubisoft, and Krafton, is crucial in developing high-quality social games that operate across PC and mobile platforms.


Star Game: Age of Dino


Age of Dino is a standout Web3 game on the Xterio platform that allows players to manage NFT dinosaur parks in an expansive strategy gaming environment. This next-generation game uniquely combines ownership elements with strategy, enabling players to domesticate and profit from their dinosaurs within a vibrant community setting. The Dino ecosystem includes games like Clash of Dino and Dino Brawl, which offer an entertaining and strategic gaming experience.


Clash of Dinos and Dino Brawl: Exploration and Strategy


Clash of Dinos allows players to own dinosaurs, manage parks, and engage in massive alliance wars, while Dino Brawl offers a competitive arena where players use their dinosaurs to compete and win rewards. During special events, owners of the exclusive Dino Hammer NFT have access to $XTER token airdrops, increasing their rewards. Dino Brawl is available on all devices through a browser.

Clash of Dinos: The community trial version of Age of Dino has made a significant debut. Clash of Dinos is a new MMO strategy game owned and developed by players. You can permanently own dinosaurs, launch massive alliance wars, and earn lucrative rewards by contributing to dinosaur genetic research.

– Build and manage your dinosaur park: In Clash of Dinos, not only can you own dozens of dinosaurs, but you can also domesticate and equip wild dinosaurs with weapons and armor. Invite your friends to your park and even incubate a new species for profit. This ownership concept adds another layer of immersion to the already attractive game.

– Connect with the largest dinosaur community: Join the community with the most active Dino enthusiasts from around the world, meet and win with the most active player community. As a genetic researcher or owner of the Genesis dinosaur, you will have the power to express and participate in important decision-making about the future of the game ecosystem. The development of the game will always ensure that your voice is heard.

– Join forces to survive: Explore the prehistoric world, and you’ll see that fighting alone is never easy. By creating or joining an alliance, members can not only help each other but also defeat mutated dinosaurs, seize good areas to strengthen the land, and maximize the alliance’s power by leveraging land ownership of the members to unlock group rewards, or simply trade/sell it.

– Experience a new level of strategy: Develop the outpost and fortress to dominate the dinosaur world, create your own army, train, and lead blood-thirsty dinosaurs ready to destroy anything in their path to victory! Strategize with various resource, time, and distance limitations so that your tactics and decision-making shine more than ever on the battlefield.

Available now for download on Android y iOs

Dino Brawl: Raises the excitement in Xterio with its vibrant mini-game arena, where players can test their agility and strategy by using dinosaurs to dodge attacks and challenge opponents in competitive duels.

This game encourages deeper engagement through its competitive dynamics. During special events, such as the recent test phase started in April, holders of the exclusive Dino Hammer NFT enjoy additional benefits, such as access to $XTER token airdrops. In each game, players have the opportunity to accumulate DIO points, which significantly increase when possessing the Dino Hammer NFT, thereby improving their chances of winning the airdrop.

Dino Brawl is accessible from any device, as it is played directly from the browser. To join the adventure and start competing, visit: dinobrawl.dinoverse.games.


What is the Dino Hammer NFT?


The Dino Hammer is a limited NFT, which can only be used in the Dino Brawl mini-game and is single-use. Its function is to multiply your rewards by 200 times in a round of games. Once you deploy the Dino Hammer NFT in the game, it will be automatically used. Once used, the Dino Hammer will be permanently burned.

In Dino Brawl, after each game, you will have the opportunity to obtain an AoD Identification Plate. With your identification plate, you rise to the rank of commander and this represents:

– Your credential for the airdrop.

– Each Identification Plate can earn you an additional 50 $DIO.

– Keep in mind that during the beta test phase, each address can only mint one AoD Identification Plate. Identification Plates cannot be transferred or traded. In the main game, your rewards will be distributed in chests of different levels.


T2 LATAM and Exclusive Opportunities


T2 LATAM celebrates Xterio’s advancements with an exclusive draw of the coveted Dino Hammer NFTs, which not only enhance the gaming experience by multiplying rewards within Dino Brawl but also serve as collectibles within the Xterio ecosystem.
Xterio not only redefines the boundaries of digital entertainment through the integration of advanced AI and blockchain technologies but also strengthens the global gaming community with innovative initiatives and exclusive opportunities. Through its collaboration with giants like Binance Labs and backed by significant investment, Xterio is well-positioned to lead the future of Web3 games. As players enjoy immersive and strategic experiences in Age of Dino and other games within the platform, they also benefit from the emerging digital economy of gaming, marking a milestone in the way we interact and immerse ourselves in virtual worlds.