zkRace: from No. 1 horse racing game to a vast GameFi infrastructure

The transformation of DeRace to zkRace represents a significant advancement in the realm of Web3 games. zkRace not only enhances player experience with advanced technology and a user-centric approach but also establishes a solid infrastructure for the future of GameFi. With the support of W3Forge and the integration of the $ZERC token, zkRace is poised to lead the revolution in blockchain-based gaming.


Transition from DeRace to zkRace


DeRace emerged as an NFT horse racing metaverse that revolutionized the market by allowing players to participate in races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, equip them, and organize races in their own NFT racetracks, earning rewards in the process. With a vibrant community, DeRace offered an interactive and immersive gaming experience where players had full control over their horses and racetracks.

Key features of this game included: interactive races where players could actively participate in horse races, influencing results through horse management and training; horse breeding and customization, with NFT horses possessing unique visible and hidden characteristics affecting their performance in races; and NFT racetracks, where players could organize races and earn income from participation fees and prizes.

With the transition to zkRace, the innovative spirit of DeRace has been retained, but its scope and capabilities have been significantly expanded.


zkRace: Evolution Towards zk-rollup Technology


zkRace offers a more transparent, scalable, and enjoyable gaming experience, with all aspects verified on the blockchain. It introduces several key innovations that transform the blockchain gaming experience. Thanks to zk-rollup technology, zkRace ensures a smooth gaming experience, minimizing transaction costs and eliminating typical blockchain congestion.

This innovative project is powered by W3Forge, a development studio, incubator, and accelerator dedicated to shaping the future of Web3 games. W3Forge is building a Web3 ecosystem composed of immersive blockchain-based games and digital products, aiming to offer high-quality and long-lasting projects, creating fascinating worlds and weaving wonders that capture the imagination and stand the test of time. They strive for a transparent and quality-driven WEB3 space with a clear mission to supply and support the WEB3 space with quality digital products.

It is worth noting that zkRace distinguishes itself with its multi-chain approach, freeing itself from the limitations of operating on a single chain and adopting a cross-chain approach to achieve unparalleled accessibility. This metaverse is also designed with a player-centric philosophy, ensuring a gaming environment that not only meets but exceeds community expectations.


Token $ZERC


The native token of zkRace, $ZERC replaced $DERC at a 1:1 ratio. This change not only maintained the total supply and critical attributes of the token but also introduced significant improvements in security and utility.

$ZERC will be used for all transactions within the zkRace ecosystem, from entry fees to breeding and trading NFT horses.


Key Features of $ZERC:


  • Enhanced Security: Integration with Lossless’s Aegis solution to monitor token contracts and prevent exploits.
  • Accessibility and Utility: Available on chains like ETH, BNB, and Polygon, and functional as gas fees for other GameFi projects utilizing zkRace’s zk-rollup infrastructure.
  • Earning Opportunities: Players can earn $ZERC through various in-game activities, incentivizing active and continuous participation


zkRace: Game Mechanics and Its NFTs



zkRace is a comprehensive Web3 horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed, rent, and trade NFT horses with unique characteristics, organize races on your own NFT racetrack, and be rewarded through our P2E mechanism while doing all this.

NFT horses in zkRace are unique, differing in characteristics such as rarity, performance, cooldown time, and visual appearance.

Horse races use RNG technology, where the winner receives a percentage of all participant fees and additional prizes.

NFT horse breeding allows players to combine two NFT horses to generate a new one with inherited characteristics from the parents, using a genetic algorithm and Ethereum smart contracts.

NFT racetracks are managed by owners who earn a percentage of all entry fees. Additionally, zkRace organizes sponsored tournaments with additional prizes, offering players the chance to compete and become champions of the metaverse.

The horse rental system allows owners to rent their NFT horses to other players securely, with rental options for breeding and racing. Players can also equip their horses with items such as saddles, horseshoes, and other accessories to unlock additional gameplay opportunities. zkRace offers a sustainable P2E model, rewarding players for their in-game activity, completing missions, and unlocking achievements.

Finally, the NFT horse market allows players to buy and sell horses both in the zkRace marketplace and other secondary NFT markets, facilitating the trade and management of these unique digital assets


Upcoming Releases


zkRace’s roadmap highlights several interesting launches and features. An in-game marketplace will soon be enabled, where players can buy and sell NFTs more directly and conveniently within the game. An onramp for $ZERC will also be introduced, facilitating the transition from the traditional economy to the crypto economy.

A free trial mode will allow new players to experience the game without financial commitment from the start. Additionally, a referral and affiliate program will be launched, incentivizing players to invite friends and expand the zkRace community.

Another important addition will be NFT jockeys and silks, offering new ways to customize and enhance the gaming experience. Teams and clubs will allow players to form groups and compete collectively, adding a social and strategic dimension to the game.

Additionally, community racetracks will allow players to manage and participate in events within community-managed racetracks, promoting collaboration and community development within the zkRace metaverse.